In Their Own Words: Sierra McKissick

820838_10200421160272572_1022640454_oHometown:  Saginaw, Michigan

Background:  I have always sought to be a positive influence in whatever community I reside within. In 2006, I co-founded an organization, Agape Love Explosion, that seeks to provide prevention, intervention and spiritual development to at-risk youth in the city of Saginaw and surrounding areas. The Explosion holds a three-day conference every year during which youth are able to participate in various programming. During my undergraduate education, I serviced several Nashville, TN organization such as Soles for Souls and the Second Harvest Food Bank and as I continue graduate studies I am a volunteer at Hope Clinic for Women in Nashville,TN. Service is not a past time for me but a calling.
Fun Fact:  I am definitely a dreamer within reality. I enjoy coming up with random things to do (even though I don’t always get to do them). I enjoy writing poetry, listening to music (I haven’t quite figured out the guitar yet), and I am a jokester.
Passion:  I am passionate about public service and I believe it comes in many forms. Specifically, I find myself being devoted to the mental, emotional and spiritual services to the public, typically outlined in the pastoral care and counseling or psychological field. I have devoted my years of education to studying the field and I am without a doubt deliberately connected. In future years, I hope to devote most of my time servicing those in need of guidance within in a safe space to help heal the wounds of society.

Why women reVamped:  women ReVamped is an organization destine to empower and cultivate the minds of youth and specifically young women, which pulls at my heart strings. Generating positive programming for our community by bringing together a range of intellectuals to formulate results, women reVamped is an organization that anyone dedicated to service would want to be a part of. I am present in hopes of offering another perspective and a particular set of  experiences in hopes that they will aid the organization in meeting all goals. There is no limit on what this organization can and will do, and I believe that all programming created will reconstruct for the better.

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