2014 Contributors

Andrea Alexander (Saginaw, Michigan) – Stereotype-me-not: On Cosplay, Chemistry and Music

Nadine Rose Carole (Schoelcher, Martinique) – Feminism is Whatever She Likes

Kelly Cleaver (Ferndale, Michigan) – Discovering Myself, Discovering Feminism

Ruth Douglas (Windhoek, Namibia) – Culture, Beliefs and Finding Feminism

Robin Gabbard (Gays Creek, Kentucky) – Defining Feminism: Through the Lens of Motherhood

Lonias Gilmore (Albuquerque, New Mexico) – I Am Here. I Am Me. I Am Woman.

Robin Lynn Grinnell (Muskegon, Michigan) – Bad Feminist

Tyra High (Detroit, Michigan) – Fast Tail Tale

Jessica Marie Johnson (Chicago, Illinois) – Fury and Joy: Feminism at the Kitchen Table

Cameo King (Detroit, Michigan) – Feminism: Regaining Control

Adora Ladisic (Saginaw, Michigan) – My Super (Em)power

Karen Lindstrom (Grand Rapids, Michigan) – Feminism Undefined. 

Latwyla Mathias (Columbia, South Carolina) – Feminism = Common Sense

Elyse Mathos (Grand Rapids, Michigan) – Beautifully Imperfect. Fabulously Feminist.

Sierra McKissick (Saginaw, Michigan) – All Work is a Woman’s Work

Robin Miner-Swartz (Lansing, Michigan) – I Never Called It Feminism

Christie Schichtel (Traverse City, Michigan) – #Shelfie: Feminism by the Book

Tashmica Torok (El Paso, Texas) – Feminism: Living in Our Fullness

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