Collective Impact Means Collaborative Giving

Photo courtesy of Well House Grand Rapids.

You may be wondering, why is a nonprofit organization hosting a series of fundraisers to benefit other nonprofit organizations?  The answer is simple, our success is impacted by the successes of the organizations we support through this event.

Lipstick Libations was a concept built from our fundamental belief that we are more effective as a sector when we collaborate and recognize the fundamental impact the work we are doing respectively has on the collective impact of the field.  I know, that was a loaded statement so allow me to break it down.

The Firecracker Foundation is an organization that provides support through various mediums to young people who are victims of sexual trauma.  Not only do they provide services to help victims cope with their trauma they also build awareness around issues related to sexual assault, particular amongst kids.  How does this impact the outcomes of girls?  With roughly 1 in 5 girls estimated to be victims of sexual abuse, it is imperative that more work is done to help survivors, particularly young ones, overcome their trauma to ensure a more positive trajectory in the future.  The Firecracker Foundation provides young people with hope and healing.  We support their work because without them we cannot hope to empower women and girls who are not in an emotional space to take the lead.

Well House Grand Rapids is, in our opinion, the definition of what it means to end homelessness.  This organization exists using a housing first model that ensures those in need of a place to live have it, regardless of the standard setbacks that prevent their residents from acquiring housing on their own.  Not only are they working to eliminate homelessness in Kent County, they are also building awareness around the prevalence of homelessness in the community, facilitating those tough conversations on how homelessness happens and showing communities that every person deserves safe, affordable shelter.  With 1.2 million young people homeless in the United States, the majority under age 7, it is vital for safe affordable housing to be provided to eliminate homelessness outright.  Children cannot learn if they cannot sleep.  Girls, in being homeless, are placed at a higher risk for victimization and the outcomes snowball from there.  We support Well House GR because they are addressing a need that ensures women and girls are not preoccupied with figuring out where they will lay their head each night; instead they can focus on building a prosperous future.

The Saginaw Community Foundation‘s Youth Advisory Council Force, is the definition of empowerment.  Not only do they teach young people the fundamentals of grant-making and fundraising, they hand over the keys and allow young people to drive the bus.  They not only review the grant applications for organizations applying for funds from the youth field of interest fund, they interview applicants and make the final decisions on who will receive funding from their endowment of over 1.3 million.  We have selected this organization as a beneficiary because we like the idea of young people making decisions on needs impacting their peers.  The more obvious piece to be said about this particular initiative is that girls stand to benefit from being given a voice and the power to direct funds in areas that undoubtedly affects their collective interests.

It is our privilege to support these three organizations through our Lipstick Libations events. Check out our events via Spincard Social:

Lansing —

Grand Rapids —

Saginaw — 

We hope you will join us in supporting these amazing causes and we look forward to seeing you in Michigan this holiday season.

Happy Holidays!

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