Now Accepting Submissions for (re)defining Feminism 2017

We are thrilled to announce that we are now accepting submissions for (re)defining Feminism 2017. This will be our third year launching this project and we are excited about the opportunity to engage new contributors in telling stories about their experiences with living life as a woman. We want to hear about your challenges, your successes, your frustrations; this is your forum to tell your story. All submissions are welcome. Contributors must self-identify as a woman.

Submission Guidelines can be found below the submission box.

Submission deadline September 30, 2017.

All video/photoblog submissions should be emailed to

Submission Guidelines for (re)defining Feminism 2017:

About the Campaign

(re)defining FEMINISM is a yearly campaign by women reVamped aimed at highlighting the exploration and acceptance of identity amongst women.  The goal is to begin the dialogue around how women identify themselves by answering the question of “how women are defining what feminism means in their lives everyday.”  We want women to showcase their ownership and understanding of feminism as a way of promoting the idea that feminism is to each its own experience.

You, the participant, are being asked to do the following:

  • Answer the question of “how you define feminism” by choosing one of the following mediums:
    • Photoblog (5 pictures max)
    • Videoblog (5 min max)
    • Essay (500-800 words)
  • Submissions are due September 30, 2017
  • For examples of previous submissions, check out

All material will be published via

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