In Defense of the Indefensible

If you follow current events, you have probably heard a lot about the recent sentencing of the convicted rapist, Brock Turner. Hopefully you also took the time to read the letter the Victim read to Turner at his sentencing. This letter is a prime example of why it is essential that we elevate the stories of women.Continue reading “In Defense of the Indefensible”

Creating New Opportunities for Girls

A month ago I was extended the privilege of attending the 2015 Opportunity Nation Summit in Washington, D.C.  Opportunity Nation is a bipartisan, national campaign comprised of more than 300 businesses, educational institutions, nonprofits and civic organizations working together to expand economic mobility and close the opportunity gap in America.  More specifically the work focuses onContinue reading “Creating New Opportunities for Girls”

Collective Impact Means Collaborative Giving

You may be wondering, why is a nonprofit organization hosting a series of fundraisers to benefit other nonprofit organizations?  The answer is simple, our success is impacted by the successes of the organizations we support through this event. Lipstick Libations was a concept built from our fundamental belief that we are more effective as aContinue reading “Collective Impact Means Collaborative Giving”

In Their Own Words: Cory Jackson

Hometown:  Saginaw, MI Background:  I am currently the Youth Development Director of Program Innovation at the YMCA of Western North Carolina where I oversee program curriculum for 17 afterschool sites, act as the liaison between the Child Care Services YMCA to the surrounding community, manage interns, and am spearheading a mobile feeding site for kidsContinue reading “In Their Own Words: Cory Jackson”

In Their Own Words: Sierra McKissick

Hometown:  Saginaw, Michigan Background:  I have always sought to be a positive influence in whatever community I reside within. In 2006, I co-founded an organization, Agape Love Explosion, that seeks to provide prevention, intervention and spiritual development to at-risk youth in the city of Saginaw and surrounding areas. The Explosion holds a three-day conference every yearContinue reading “In Their Own Words: Sierra McKissick”

women reVamped officially launches following CGI U

women reVamped was formulated following the recognition of a need to provide young girls facing pivotal moments in their life with empowering support systems and in-depth programming.  Our focus on girls, age 13-17, who are first time probationer’s is reflective of our recognition that, for this age group in this particular circumstance, access to quality programming is vital inContinue reading “women reVamped officially launches following CGI U”