Fury and Joy: Feminism at the Kitchen Table

Part of me wants to write about my own upbringing. I am the daughter of a single, Puerto Rican mother who should have divorced her husband (my father) sooner and who never made me feel like being visibly of African descent could lead to shame. How? She gloried over my kinky hair, the way theContinue reading “Fury and Joy: Feminism at the Kitchen Table”

Culture, Beliefs & Finding Feminism

I had never heard of the word ‘feminism’ before I went to college. When I did, the word carried with it the unappealing stigma of bra-burning, man hating women. However, the idea of what feminism really meant to me as an individual woman gnawed at my young mind. Having been raised in, what most wouldContinue reading “Culture, Beliefs & Finding Feminism”

Feminism Is Whatever She Likes

I am happiest barefoot in the kitchen. Growing up this image was reinforced to me as the ideal. A woman was defined by her ability to take care of her family, friends and everyone else. The purpose of taking care of yourself was to make sure you were able to continue serving others. I amContinue reading “Feminism Is Whatever She Likes”

All Work Is A Woman’s Work

I planned to share my first experience cutting grass at my grandparent’s house. After years of watch my over 90-years-old grandfather relentlessly cut his own lawn out of pride of owning his home he decided to show my sister, and I knew one day he would teach me. This experience signified to me that IContinue reading “All Work Is A Woman’s Work”

Defining Feminism: Through the Lens of Motherhood

Truth is, I never wanted children. Reality is, I have 3…and 2 grandchildren! The oldest is my step-daughter who is 25; she came in to my life when she was 4. The middle sister is turning 18 as I submit this essay [full-circle moment in the making], and the youngest turned 16 one month ago.Continue reading “Defining Feminism: Through the Lens of Motherhood”

Stereotype-me-not: On Cosplay, Chemistry And Music

There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle, or the mirror that reflects it. – Edith Wharton It may seem cliche to start a personal story with a quote, but I feel it sums up my general existence quite nicely. I enjoy random fun, am a bit of a mischief maker, and,Continue reading “Stereotype-me-not: On Cosplay, Chemistry And Music”

I Never Called It Feminism

I often say everything I know, I’ve learned from movies and television. I’m only partly joking. Growing up, I consumed a steady diet of entertainment. Movies, TV shows and live theater fueled me. I watched so much TV after school that once, when I was invited to a classmate’s house, I was genuinely startled to discover she wanted us to play outside withContinue reading “I Never Called It Feminism”

(re)defining FEMINISM: Starting women reVamped

Music by: The Isley Brothers, “Summer Breeze” Breannah Alexander is the Founder and Managing Director of women reVamped.  She currently resides in Atlanta, GA focused on expanding the girl empowerment programs produced by the organization while participating in various advocacy efforts around victims rights and disenfranchised populations.