Now Accepting Submissions for (re)defining Feminism 2017

We are thrilled to announce that we are now accepting submissions for (re)defining Feminism 2017. This will be our third year launching this project and we are excited about the opportunity to engage new contributors in telling stories about their experiences with living life as a woman. We want to hear about your challenges, yourContinue reading “Now Accepting Submissions for (re)defining Feminism 2017”

What’s Important Now

I’ve struggled a lot in life to maintain stable relationships and to launch myself onto a career path. What I didn’t understand was that so many of those struggles were rooted in early childhood trauma that I had suppressed for decades. My inability to finish an elementary teaching degree in my 30s; the emergence ofContinue reading “What’s Important Now”

A Question of Strength

Bob and Jeff were a father and son I had the pleasure of sitting next to at Brewery Vivant a few Sunday’s ago. I naturally found myself engaging in conversation, uncovering they had never indulged in the food. I watched as their eyes unravel at the burger and beer cheese they ordered, naturally our conversationContinue reading “A Question of Strength”

Building a Better Mousetrap

I love startups… I love everything about them – from the eccentric dreamers willing to gamble, to the emotionally charged conversations that come from an 11th hour pivot. They are chaotic and crude, often starting in a garage or a dorm room, operating out of a coffee shop, and digging up resources from anyone whoContinue reading “Building a Better Mousetrap”

Redefining Feminism

The Feminism movement is imperative because it is one belief that feeds into creating the overarching culture of our country. Feminism means fighting for equality, fighting to erase the stereotypes associated with gender. Feminism means taking the pressure off of women who feel the weight of the world to be everything to everyone. Feminism fightsContinue reading “Redefining Feminism”

Why We Don’t Celebrate Women’s Equality Day

Yesterday, statements were released, sentiments were shared and social media celebrations occurred (via sharing) recognizing “Women’s Equality Day.” At women reVamped, we also believe that women’s equality and ultimate agency in controlling their existence in this world is of the utmost importance. So yesterday we were pleased to see that there are people in thisContinue reading “Why We Don’t Celebrate Women’s Equality Day”

women reVamped Welcomes New Board Members

Atlanta, Georgia – women reVamped is proud to announce the addition of Chace Baptista, of Providence, RI and Nicholas Frostick, of Grand Rapids, MI to the Board of Directors.  They will fill the seats of outgoing board members Cory Jackson, of Asheville, NC and Jodyann Dempsey, of Grand Rapids, MI. women reVamped’s Board of DirectorsContinue reading “women reVamped Welcomes New Board Members”

SUNY Adopts Yes-Means-Yes Standard for Sexual Consent

The trustees of the State University of New York last Thursday passed a resolution directing all 64 of the system’s campuses to implement an “affirmative consent” standard for use in campus disciplinary proceedings involving sexual assault. The standard adopted by the trustees declares that consent to sexual contact must be “active, not passive.” Such consent must…