Commitment to Action

At women reVamped we believe the most impactful empowerment experiences are intentional.  The successful empowerment of girls is rooted in intentional interventions, particularly when it involves caring adults.  Back in February during our Destroying The Narrative series, participants were given the opportunity to make a commitment to empower a girl.  Their commitments raged from sharing information about the status of women and girls through their social media accounts to mentoring a girl in their community.  Our belief in the importance of everyday people committing to small and large activities to provoke positive change is so strong that we’ve expanded our call to action to include you.  Think about ways you can empower girls and if you are interested in making a commitment, share it below.


Current Commitments to Action

“I commit to being a game changer and creating more opportunities for women!!”

~Kirsys Soto, Somerville, Massachusetts

“I commit to working within my sphere of influence first to try to make a difference.  I commit to move toward mentoring a young girl.”

~Shay Kraley, Grand Rapids, Michigan

“Figure out how to make Women’s History Month last longer than just a month.”

~Ellen Blanchard, Ann Arbor, Michigan

“I commit to sharing stories of female empowerment and opportunities for continuing this discussion via social media (specifically Facebook).”

~Liz, Grand Rapids, Michigan

“I commit to provide resources for a residential program for traumatized teen girls in Grand Rapids.  Resources include: art supplies, gift bags, creating a serenity room in their residence, a guitar, and other items to help with their healing experiences.”

~Mary A. Helmic, Grand Rapids, Michigan

“I will spend more time doing one-on-ones with young ladies in my organization. I will pass information about women on Facebook once a month.”

~Latasha Robenson, Grand Rapids, Michigan

“Commit to speaking out against domestic violence through the Voices of Color Foundation by sharing my testimony to girls across the nation.”

~Rev. Dr. Tanesha Ash-Shakoor, CDKA, Lansing, Michigan

“I will commit to read to girls 1/wk for the month of March. I will be intentional about the books that I select and encourage them to embrace the decisions she makes, whether she agrees with them or not. I will also spread the good news about women reVamped and Good Girl Radio!”

~Neisa Nelson, Grand Rapids, Michigan

“I commit to mentoring a young woman and advocating for more education and career opportunities for all young women!”

~Carol Paine-McGovern, Grand Rapids, Michigan

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