In Defense of the Indefensible

If you follow current events, you have probably heard a lot about the recent sentencing of the convicted rapist, Brock Turner. Hopefully you also took the time to read the letter the Victim read to Turner at his sentencing. This letter is a prime example of why it is essential that we elevate the stories of women.Continue reading “In Defense of the Indefensible”

Culture, Beliefs & Finding Feminism

I had never heard of the word ‘feminism’ before I went to college. When I did, the word carried with it the unappealing stigma of bra-burning, man hating women. However, the idea of what feminism really meant to me as an individual woman gnawed at my young mind. Having been raised in, what most wouldContinue reading “Culture, Beliefs & Finding Feminism”

Feminism Is Whatever She Likes

I am happiest barefoot in the kitchen. Growing up this image was reinforced to me as the ideal. A woman was defined by her ability to take care of her family, friends and everyone else. The purpose of taking care of yourself was to make sure you were able to continue serving others. I amContinue reading “Feminism Is Whatever She Likes”