Fury and Joy: Feminism at the Kitchen Table

Part of me wants to write about my own upbringing. I am the daughter of a single, Puerto Rican mother who should have divorced her husband (my father) sooner and who never made me feel like being visibly of African descent could lead to shame. How? She gloried over my kinky hair, the way theContinue reading “Fury and Joy: Feminism at the Kitchen Table”

Culture, Beliefs & Finding Feminism

I had never heard of the word ‘feminism’ before I went to college. When I did, the word carried with it the unappealing stigma of bra-burning, man hating women. However, the idea of what feminism really meant to me as an individual woman gnawed at my young mind. Having been raised in, what most wouldContinue reading “Culture, Beliefs & Finding Feminism”