Honoring History, Authoring Feminism

Hopefully only a graduate student can say that Moynihan has come up a lot this week. Because of personal interests, classroom pontifications, and reading assignments, I have been confronted with the image of black women featured in Patrick Moynihan’s now infamous report at least a half dozen times this week. Plus there was one directContinue reading “Honoring History, Authoring Feminism”

Fury and Joy: Feminism at the Kitchen Table

Part of me wants to write about my own upbringing. I am the daughter of a single, Puerto Rican mother who should have divorced her husband (my father) sooner and who never made me feel like being visibly of African descent could lead to shame. How? She gloried over my kinky hair, the way theContinue reading “Fury and Joy: Feminism at the Kitchen Table”