Discovering My Feminine Power through Entrepreneurship

I was the first born of 4 children and 4th generation female first born on my mother’s side of the family. My Mom (mi Mami) always worked full-time in the medical field and loved it. She never apologized for making money for herself and her family and I adored her for that as a childContinue reading “Discovering My Feminine Power through Entrepreneurship”

Honoring History, Authoring Feminism

Hopefully only a graduate student can say that Moynihan has come up a lot this week. Because of personal interests, classroom pontifications, and reading assignments, I have been confronted with the image of black women featured in Patrick Moynihan’s now infamous report at least a half dozen times this week. Plus there was one directContinue reading “Honoring History, Authoring Feminism”

An Empowered Sense of Self

I don’t remember when I started identifying as a feminist. I always knew I was supported by my family, but I always felt a little “too much” in the religious tradition I grew up in. I felt “too strong”, “too opinionated”, “too driven”. Women had their place and it wasn’t always directly next to men.Continue reading “An Empowered Sense of Self”

Beating the Odds and Making it to the Finish Line

I was asked to define what feminism means to me but I found it challenging to define without including race. Feminism is the opportunity for Black women to become doctors, business executives, teachers, and professionals while being wives and mothers. It is equal opportunity for women so that we are able to beat the oddsContinue reading “Beating the Odds and Making it to the Finish Line”


Feminist(a). I did not learn to spell the word, FE-MI-NISTA (FEMINISM), in the classroom or at home. Instead I learned to read the word, FE-MI-NICIDIO, as way to understand the violent murders of mothers and sisters advertised on the front page of the daily papers. The colors of their dresses in these post-mortem photographs forever engravedContinue reading “Feminist(a).”

Be the Difference You Wish to See

Over a year ago, I attended a national security conference across the country. I showed up to the venue a little late, but thankfully there was a gentlemen outside the door still checking people in. He looked up at me as I walked up and said “hello, which briefer’s secretary are you?” I kindly gaveContinue reading “Be the Difference You Wish to See”

Feminism, Individually Defined

(re)defining FEMINISM Feminism is the belief that all people are entitled to the same civil rights and liberties and can be intellectual equals regardless of gender. However, you should still hold the door for a feminist; this is known as respect. Urban Dictionary For me, Feminism has meant discovering the different facets of myself. TheContinue reading “Feminism, Individually Defined”

Is It Ok Not To Want Children?

I recently turned 30 and this has led to a great deal of self-reflection. My expectations for this new decade are high. I want to grow into a more loving, forgiving person, I hope to make a significant impact in my community, dedicate my time to important issues, build stronger friendships, and feel fulfilled inContinue reading “Is It Ok Not To Want Children?”